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We treat a range of injuries and aliment to reduce pain, increase flexibility, improve strength and posture, and regain function.

We are here to help

Our treatment are based on accurate diagnose and optimal management on your condition. We practice hands-on treatments which are evidence-based and effective

What we can help you with...

Head & Neck


Arm & Hand




Hips & Groin

What to expect?

  • One-on-one consultation

  • Advanced hands-on treatment

  • Individualized treatment

  • Thorough physical examination on your condition

  • State of art treatment options

  • Customized management plan that suit your daily activities

  • Active movement with less pain

On your Visit

  • Please arrive 5 minutes prior to fill in any necessary paperwork

  • Bring any relevant documents 

  • Private health insurance card

  • Medicare card (EPC)

  • Workers Comp or CTP insurance details 

  • Wear comfortable clothing

  • Wear or bring shorts if you are having lower-limbs treatment

Any question?

Don't hesitate to give us a call at

(02) 9676 1730 or drop us an emailOur friendly staff will gladly answer any of your questions!

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